A Typical Visit - What to Expect

When coming to Pietila Chiropractic for the first time, please call ahead to schedule an appointment. Our receptionist will gather your general health information, which will allow us to serve you more efficiently. There are new patient intake forms available for you to download from this website. Please take the time to fill the forms out as completely as possible. You may fax, email, or mail your history into us beforehand or simply bring them with you to your initial appointment. If you are unable complete the forms in advance, we ask you to arrive to the clinic 15-20 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to complete the necessary forms. You can expect your initial visit to last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.

At the time of your appointment a doctor will review your comprehensive health history to get the best overall picture of your condition. The doctor will then complete a comprehensive exam including the NeuroTarget and functional neurological evaluation. In some cases the doctor will need more information and may need to order additional tests such as blood chemistry, lab tests, x-ray, MRI, or Electrodiagnostic testing.

Based on this information, the doctor will be able to determine if we can help your condition. A specific treatment plan will be designed for you and will include the type of treatment and length or number of treatments you may need.

A typical treatment includes chiropractic adjustments coupled with specific neurological exercises (about 15-30 min.) and therapy (about 15 min.) to support the NeuroTarget System treatment. Sometimes additional treatment is needed such as nutritional counseling, dietary counseling, or at home exercise consultation.

Video Testimonials - Our Clinic in Action

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Chronic Low Back Pain

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Performance Enhancement

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